Denton Marching Contest Details

We’ll kick off this year’s contest season with a bang in Denton on October 8th. The details for the event can be found below in addition to the Online Calendar. We hope that all the GEB parents can come out and cheer on the band members as they take the field!


8:30a: Marching Rehearsal (stadium)
10:00a: Rehearsal ends, get changed
10:30a: Inspection
10:45a: Load buses, Depart for Denton
11:45a: Arrive in Denton, lunch
1:00p: Get dressed, setup for Warm Up
1:40p: Warm Up
2:30p: Prelims performance
3:15p: Return to stands to watch remainder of prelims
4:30p: Prelims results announced.

The evening’s plan depends on whether or not we make finals. Should the band place in the top 10 in prelims and be selected to perform in finals, we’ll post the details for the evening on the band website. All students will have dinner provided for them that evening; the actual timing of dinner depends on the finals schedule. That being said, regardless of whether or not we make finals, we will stay and watch finals as it is a great learning experience.

9:00p: Depart for Richardson
10:00p: Expected arrival time at RHS
Additional Details

  • Students should arrive in the morning wearing athletic shorts (to be worn under the uniform) and their March-a-thon T-shirt (with the under armor beneath). This will be what we wear for the morning rehearsal.
  • All students should bring the following items with them in the morning:
    • All uniform accessories (gloves, gauntlets, socks, marching shoes)
    • Duffle Bag
    • Instrument
  • Students are welcome (but not required) to bring:
    • Money for patches, souvenirs, concession stand, etc
    • Homework
  • It is not recommended that students bring personal electronics or anything of value that may be easily lost or stolen.

You can find more information (such as admission price) about the Denton Golden Triangle Classic at:

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