March-a-thon Performance Info

The 1st Annual March-a-thon is just around the corner! Here’s all the info that you’ll need in order to make this year’s March-a-thon performance outstanding!

Inspection will take place in the RHS Band Hall at 8:30am. It is recommended that students arrive no later than 8:15am in order to ensure they are on time. Students will be inspected for the items listed below. Please check the handbook section on Uniform Inspection in order to answer any questions. It is absolutely vital that students eat a good breakfast before arriving at the band hall. Additionally, all band members need to be drinking plenty of fluids in the days leading up to the MAT. Quality hydration for any big event starts days in advance!

Directly following the completion of our March-a-thon performance, we will all return to RHS for our “End of MAT” cookout! Expected release time for the day is 1:00pm, but we will send out Twitter messages throughout the day to keep everyone updated.

Lastly – Parents, be sure to come out on the route and support the kids!

What to wear (March-a-thon Uniform):

  • 2011 March-a-thon T-Shirt (being distributed on Friday)
  • Band issued Khaki Shorts (Guard members wear any school appropriate shorts)
  • Tennis shoes/socks
  • Sunscreen
Additionally – sunglasses and a hat are strongly encouraged, but not required

Items you will need to bring:

  • Flip folder (all winds, battery)
  • Lyre (all winds/battery except for flutes)
  • Your instrument/flag
  • Pit members – just bring yourself!

Schedule for the day:

8:30am: Inspection
9:00am: MAT Step Off
11:30am: Expected completion
12:00pm: Cookout!

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