RHS Student Registration Info

You should have received the schedule for RHS Student Registration in the mail. It has been arranged for all band members to be allowed to register first thing in the morning. Please make plans to attend your student registration/schedule pickup at 8:30am on the following dates:
  • Seniors: August 5th
  • Juniors: August 11th
  • Sophomores: August 10th
  • Freshmen: August 9th
On the day of their class’ registration, students do NOT need to report to band rehearsal at 7:30am; they should report directly to RHS Student Registration at 8:30am. Please plan to bring a change of clothes so that you can join us for rehearsal immediately following your registration session in the morning. The front office has indicated that band members should be able to be back at rehearsal by 10:00am. We’ll be learning drill by that point so we’ll need EVERYONE there as soon as possible!

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