March-a-thon Info

The March-a-thon is fast approaching! On the morning of Saturday August 13th, the RHS Band will take to the streets of Richardson in the 1st Annual RHS Band March-a-thon! Each band member should be working on his/her pledge sheet – the more money we can pull in the for the band program, the less it costs to be in band. The March-a-thon will become our largest fundraiser of the year and is designed to lower band fees and the cost of our spring trip.Here’s how it works. Each student receives pledges for each kilometer they march (the MAT is a 5K march) and on August 13th, the RHS Band will take to the streets of Richardson for a 5K Parade. Each student’s individual goal is to raise $200.00 in pledges.There are two ways to collect the pledges: via the RABC Safe (turn in pledges in an envelope along with your pledge sheet to receive credit); OR you can direct your sponsors to submit their pledges to you via the band website at

Note: We know that you all have had trouble getting to the online pledge system. The good news is – our newly redesigned website is set to launch on August 1st! From then on, if you direct your supporters to, they will find a clearly marked link to make MAT donation.
So who should your donors be? Ideally, your donors will be extended family members, neighbors, co-workers… people from outside the home. What we don’t want is this money to come from the same folks who just paid your band fees. The purpose of the March-a-thon is to use the support of the RHS community and your personal supporters to help fund the fantastic things we do in the Richardson Band. You’ll be surprised just how fast you can raise your $200.00 by hitting the pavement and seeking the support of your community.
A REMINDER: The 20 band members who collect the most pledge dollars will get to RIDE IN AIR CONDITIONING for a quarter of the route! In order for a pledge to be eligible to count toward this prize, you must be sure to turn in your pledges with the pledge sheet and online pledges must put your name in the online payment form. Additionally, the section that raises the most money per capita, will earn a morning off from band camp!

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